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Гость: enG.XAsan (10.06.2011 / 05:51)
like opera mini i got many handler apps as opera mini, bolt, uc browser etc but this idea are can you make/create or make us new :opera: opera mini with screen recorder 4.2.jar not .sis plz for tutorials in opera mini so i got opera mini with screen shooter ok so when you created it tell me the link or where i can get it my email:mail: enG.XAsan@hotmail*** thank you but tell all who know how to make m-apps with handler i mean if you want share this idea someone for helping thank you :tutorial:
aNNiMON: (10.06.2011 / 20:42)
For set screenshutter to applications use this soft: http://annimon.com/forum/id63192 or http://annimon.com/forum/id29603 If you have computer use this software: http://annimon.com/download/index.php?act=view&id=350
Гость: enG.XAsan (10.06.2011 / 05:48)
[blue] :helloworld: asalaamu alaikum :rzhu: hi nice night my name's :helloworld: enG.XAsan after tonight i want to realese or to tell you one idea if you can it so how i am aware, is you are know programing and you are handler or you can mod apps so i have big idea if you can it, so this idea its expensive to tell someone who not know any programing etc so i am choosed it for you and you friends and parants, ok this idea is you know ho to reverse some mobile applications like opera mini i go
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