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Name: ScriptEditor
    Alias: JavaEditor
    Author: QQ592416803
    Version: 2.0.5

<Software Description>
    The software is developed by my spare time, it is j2me source code editor for java mobile phone, make sure that before using this software your phone supports jsr75 standards.

    Support java code highlighting, code formatting, code assist, word prompts, outline navigation; multi-window editor, vocabulary queries, template development, custom themes, library development, document management, and so on.

<Major Update>
    1, powerful code assist;
    2, word prompts;
    3, amended the method parameter name part of API library source files;
    4, added a simple text editor;
    5, added a hex editor;
    6, the new text transcoding, Base64 encoding and decoding, Blowfish encryption and decryption functions.

The default is the Simplified Chinese language software, you can set to a selection of other languages by “菜单”>“设置”>“语言”. Such as through software support more languages you want, you can edit the software built-in "list.lang" to add a new language (text format: Language Name: Language file name), while put the new language file into the software .

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cool! i tested it!
Please, add screenshots :)
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O4erednoj bot-spamer?
Another one bot-spamer?

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